The Albums – 2000’s

Anne Kirkpatrick 5 cd set


5CD Box Set Features: Down Home (1974), Let The Songs Keep Flowing Strong and Naturally (1976), Shoot The Moon (1978), Annie’s Songs (1980), Come Back Again (1987).

Universal  Music  Australia  is  proud  to  announce  the  release  of  this  fabulous collection  of  Anne  Kirkpatricks’  early  work in  a  special  CD  pack containing  Kirkpatrick’s first  5  complete  studio  albums  released  between  1974  and  1987.

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Anne Kirkpatrick Game Of Love / Out Of The Blue 2on1

Anne Kirkpatrick‘s two biggest albums… Game Of Love (out of print for about ten years) and Out Of The Blue. Packaged together for the first time and at a very special price.

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Released in 2010, Anne’s long awaited ‘Best Of’ collection, aptly titled “Annethology” features selected tracks from her 13 album releases from 1974 through to 2010, plus 2 brand new tracks recorded with Bill Chambers.

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The Slim Dusty Family Reunion

EMI (CD) released in 2008. Tracks: How Good It Is (Slim); Road Dreamin (Anne); Resting Place (James Arneman & Hannah Kirkpatrick); Old Purple (David); Took His Saddle Home (Anne ); Pick It Up and Pass It On (David & Anne); Too Many Memories (Joy) ;Sunburnt People (Slim); Keep On Rolling (David); High, Wide & Handsome (Kate Arneman); The Dreamer (Hannah Kirkpatrick); Middle Of The Road (James Arneman); Family Reunion (Joy and The Family); From There To Now (Anne).

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Showmans Daughter

Compass Brothers 022CDCB (CD) released in 2006. Tracks: Showmans Daughter; Drive Away; Silos Of Home; Never Say Never; Women Of The West; Bluer Skies; The Cunnamulla Fella; Peppimentarti Cradle; Goodbye; Neverland; When It’s Lamplighting Time in The Valley; When The Rain Tumbles Down In July; One Of A Kind.

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Travellin Still, Always Will

EMI 5380342 (CD) released in 2001. Track: End Of The Bitumen (Slim); Travellin Still..Always Will (Anne); Tracks I Left Behind(Slim); Man On The side Of The Road (Slim & Anne); Just An Old Cattle Dog (Slim); Belt & Buckled (Slim & Anne); Bonner (Slim); You & My Old Guitar (Slim & Anne); I Wonder If The Creeks are Flowing Still (Anne); Sundown (Anne); Taking on What’s Next (Slim); The Men Who Try & Try (Slim).

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The Albums – 1990’s


Cry Like A Man

ABC/EMI 821482-2 (CD) released in 1997. Tracks: You Can Believe In Me; Many Mothers; Goin Strong, Goin Wrong; Are You Wasting My Time; Change Your Name; She’s Goin Again; The Heart Of The Land; Old Hometown; Hit and Run; Cry Like A Man; Forever Never Felt so Far Away; That’s All You Ever Got From Me.


Anne Kirkpatrick & Friends Live

ABC/EMI 479810-2 (CD) released in 1995. Tracks: Out of The Blue; You Ain’t Going Nowhere (with Troy Cassar-Daly); One Rose; I Still Miss Someone (with Jane Saunders); Sin City (with Ian Simpson and James Gillard); Wheels (with David kirkpatrick); Feel A Whole Lot Better; Lights In The Mirror (with Genni Kane); Cryin Time (with Lee Kernaghan); Come Back Again (with Lee Kernaghan); If You Won’t Go Away (with the Flying Emus); In The Country; Bury Me Beneath the Willow (with Joy and Slim)


Game Of Love

ABC 518074-2 (CD) released in 1993. Tracks: Game Of Love; Eastbound Train; Roulette Wheel Of Love; Hold’s Too Strong; Cradle Of Love; Circle Cafe; Frozen Emotion; Heartbroken; Am I The One; Whites of Your Eyes; Don’t Blame Me; A Place Called Lonesome.


The Best Of Anne Kirkpatrick

Axis 701655-2 (CD) released in 1991. Tracks: All he Did Was Tell Me Lies; Hold On Me; Darling Pal Of mine; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Take Me Home; Sailing; I Know A Heartache; Uproar; Long Ago Shoes; Standing Too Close Too The Flame; Come Back Again; Safe In The Arms Of Love; Goulburn Street; Merry Go Round of Life; The Lame Fiddler; Anecdotes Of You; My Town; Tonight Ill Shoot The Moon; Baby With You; Honky Tonk Girl.


Out Of the Blue

ABC 846595-2 (CD) released in 1991. Tracks: I Guess We’ve Been Together For too Long; Trainwreck Of Emotion; I Don’t Go Back Anymore;Take Your Time; A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline;Out Of The Blue; The Same Mistake; Sight For Sore Eyes; Broken Bleeding Hurting Heart; Sweet Moments; The Dance; There Goes My Heart Again; Goodbye.

The Albums – 1980’s


Two Singers One Song

Columbia SCXO-793190 (LP) released in 1989. Duet album with Slim Dusty. Tracks: Crying on Each Other’s Shoulder; There At The Side Of The Road; Two Singers One Song;My Old Pal; Like A Boomerang; Murray Moon; Droving; In My Grandmother’s Arms; My Favourite People; Rock This Joint; I Love My Truck; We Can Change The World.

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Come Back Again

EMI EMX-430049 (LP) released in 1987. Tracks: I Got You; Safe In The Arms of Love; Long Ago Shoes; Lights In The Mirror; Baby With You; Honky Tonk Girl; Come Back Again; Born For The Night Life; Careless Heart; Somebody Loves You; Take Me Home; In The Country


Merry Go Round Of Life

Nulla NUL-102 (LP) released in 1982. Tracks: Goulburn Street; Merry Go Round of Life; Knocking Around; Love From The Sidelines; Mamma’s Don’t let Your Babies Grow up To be Cowboys; Standing Too Close To The Flame; Ring Of Fire; Sweet Rain; The Lame Fiddler; Brand New Love; Waiting For A Train; Your Love’s Not Enough.


Annie’s Songs

EMI EMY-503 (LP) released in 1980. Tracks: Sailing; Grievous Angel; Annie Johnson; All He Did Was Tell Me Lies; Louise; John Hardy; Feel A Whole Lot Better; I Go To Pieces; I Know A Heartache; Uproar; Hold On Me; Old Aunt Eliza; Crazy; I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

The Albums – 1970’s


Shoot The Moon

EMI EMC-2655 (LP) released in 1978. Sailing; Grievous Angel; All He Did Was Tell Me Lies; Annie Johnson; Lonesome Me; Anecdotes Of You; Lady With The Braid; French Waltz; Question; Tonight I’ll Shoot The Moon; Everybody’s Looking For Something On A Saturday Night; Saturday Night At The Movies; Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry; Another Saturday Night; Bobby’s Girl.


Let The Songs Keep Flowing Strong And Naturally

EMI EMC-2554 (LP) released in 1976. Tracks: Hold On Me; Hayes; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Uproar; Old Aunt Eliza; Old Pal Of Yesterday; Feel A Whole Lot Better; My Town; I’m Not Lisa; Rainbows Over Your Blues; As If I DidnÂ’t Know; Seed Of Music; Take My Hand.


Down Home

Columbia/EMI SCXO-8019 (LP) released in 1974. Track: John Hardy; Homestead Blues; Long Black Veil; Louise; Honky Tonk Blues; Darling Pal Of Mine; We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes; Bury Me Beneath The Willow; Train Leaves Here This Morning; One Day Blues; I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes; One Rose.