Dalby_D_of_CountryAnne and her cousin Dianne Lindsay have teamed up over the last few years to do some very special  shows together.     Anne and Dianne  are the ‘Daughters’  of the McKean Sisters,  Joy and Heather  (respectively!) ,  who , of course, married Slim Dusty and Reg Lindsay!—respectively!

The show celebrates this unique musical heritage with songs from all the family.  Anne and Dianne have a lot of fun touring this show!,  which also features Dianne’s husband Peter Simpson,  and Anne’s son,  Jim Arneman.

Continuing the family tradition, Jim  duets with his Mum on classics such as the Jimmie Rodgers song, ‘Old Pal’,  which was a standard duet of Anne & Slim’s.,  plus songs from his own repertoire and backing Anne on guitar and harmony vocals.

Jim tours with the show when not  gigging with his main musical line-ups,  ‘Small Town Romance’  and ‘Indian Pacific’.