Annethology album release

Almost forty years after cutting a first, tentative solo single, three dozen years after crafting an acclaimed debut album, Anne Kirkpatrick, has painstakingly drawn together, as Annethology, the essence of her impressive and admirable body of work – a long-awaited Best Of ranging across a wide musical terrain. Selected from her 13 album releases from1974 through to 2010 Annethology was  released on the family label Nulla Records in August 2010. The aptly titled Annethology features 21 of Anne’s classic recordings from her long and enduring solo career  as well as 2 new tracks recorded with respected veteran  musician Bill Chambers,  the co-written ‘Last Drive’  and a cover of a  classic country duet,  “Here We Are’. In their respective family groups, Anne ( The Slim Dusty Family Show) and Bills ( Dead Ringer Band) touring paths must have crossed, but surprisingly this is  the first time they have actually worked together in the studio.

“Anne’s voice is a perfect example of pure country soul”

“I’ve been a huge fan of Anne Kirkpatrick ever since she performed as a teenager in the Slim Dusty show many years ago. Getting to work with Anne and sing the duet was definitely a career highlight for me”. Bill Chambers. The Annethology album was  released on Dusty Families Nulla Records label (distributed by Universal Music) and is available on CD through retail and online as a Digital Download. Order your copy of Annetholgy »